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I believe that no two people are alike and that your therapeutic experience depicts your nature and nurture that makes up whom you are today. As your therapist, we’ll actively work on developing “good” emotional health; as we explore what has directly/indirectly affected you and has impacted whom you are, today. What I am seeking in a client, is an individual that is motivated for a change in their life. With that, I will need your dedication and commitment to this process. Will this be difficult and challenging at times? Yes, it will be. “Challenges is what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” J.M.
Do you feel that you are in control of your moods and behaviors? Not having emotional stability contributes to your moods, your behaviors, quality of your relationships, and ultimately your ability to function in your life roles that effects your outlook on your life. Along our journey will work towards developing personal growth and self empowerment.
As your therapist, you will be in an open, empathetic, non-judgmental environment. I am uniquely unconventional with my authenticity by integrating honesty, humor, and genuinely straight-forward approach as we develop a personable therapeutic relationship. If you are ready to start working on improving your relationship with yourself, then lets get started!
Pay Source: Ambetter, Blue Cross, Private Pay $200-$215

Have you recently begun to have a desire to change, but maybe unsure of what that would look like? Maybe you have an interest in unlearning behaviors that served you once upon a time, but are now causing a hinderance to cultivating the person you aspire to be? Has life sometimes left you feeling defeated, devalued, anxious, and overwhelmed? Or maybe you’re a person who is simply going through the many transitions in life needing a safe and supportive environment to process the changes. Sometimes in life we encounter roadblocks, but that doesn’t mean we have to allow those things to take the driver’s seat.

My therapeutic approach is person centered, recognizing you are the expert of your life. However, a team approach is needed to help you move toward the life you envision having. As your therapist, I will work with you using various modalities of treatment to develop personal growth, esteem, coping skills, and elicit values that align with your goals.
You should know you are not alone. Many can identify with the scenarios listed above but may not have safe space to unpack or simply maybe unaware of where to start to mend those “seemingly” broken foundations. You already have everything in you to make the changes and navigate those transitions. I encourage you to make the call and let’s work together!
Private Pay $160-$180

I am Licensed Professional Counselor in Arkansas. I am also currently a LAC supervisor. I have over ten years of experience working in mental health. I have worked with various populations that include: children and adolescents, adults, juvenile sex offenders, and couples. I have devoted my career to helping others and providing guidance to helping others get balance in their lives. I earned my Bachelors of Science degree from Henderson State University and went on to earn her Masters of Science in Counseling and Mental Health from Southern Arkansas University at Magnolia.

Pay Source: Ambetter, Blue Cross, Private Pay $200-$215
Are you ready to work through the storm to thrive in the sunshine?
As a dual master’s degree licensed therapist, I am dedicated to partnering with you on your journey of enhancing the quality of your life and prioritizing your health. As a therapist, I am passionate about connecting my education and experience to guide people through personal challenges, help ease emotional burdens, and empower people to achieve a healthier life.
With more than four years of proven experience, I have provided individual and family therapy utilizing evidence-based practices, developed specific treatment goals for clients, and coordinated family psychotherapy to improve communication. I have counseled adults dealing with issues, including but not limited to, substance abuse, trauma, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and depression. 
Ultimately, my goal is to empower my clients to create space, balance, time, and strength to embrace growth and light. Let’s passionately work through the storm so that you will thrive in the sunshine.
Private Pay $85-$100

I am a licensed associate counselor who specializes in both mental health and substance abuse treatment. I enjoy assisting individuals with effectively living life on life’s terms. I believe that everyone should have access to a safe and healing environment to navigate life’s issues. I utilize a strength-based approach, supporting clients to be the authors of their own life while promoting healing and empowerment. I have experience working with those from all walks of life who experience issues with depression, trauma, relationship stressors, and substance abuse issues. I am committed to assisting my clients in developing their strengths to live their best life possible.

Private Pay $85-$100

Hi!  I am a student at Liberty University seeking my Masters in Clinical Mental Health to become a Licensed Associate Counselor.  I am passionate about serving others and I look forward to working with you!

Private Pay Up to $35

Hello! I’m working on my Masters in Clinical Mental Health & Counseling through Harding University, after which I intend to become a Licensed Associate Counselor. I am eager to help people through counseling, and I look forward to the chance to work with you!

Private Pay Up to $35

Christina Hopson-Allen

Chief Executive Officer & Owner

About Me

As owner of Passion Unlimited LLC, I am truly honored to sow seeds of greatness into my community.  My passion is service and my joy is bringing life to every individual who crosses my path.  I want you to be fully focused on your future and passionately driven toward accomplishing your goals. “Passion for Love, Life, & Limitless Possibilities”- that’s what this agency is all about.

You don’t have to live in the chains of depression, trauma, anxiety or even the opinion of others.  My desire is that your life is changed, your heart is healed, and your mind is free.  As your therapist, I want you to have hope, feel inspired and be filled with a new passion for life.

I love working with couples and giving them faith to believe that a fulfilling marriage is truly possible…  With the right tools and commitment to the process, you can have the relationship you desire… So let’s get started!

Married 20 years, 2 great kids, graduate from Ouachita Baptist University (BA-psychology) and University of Arkansas at Little Rock (MA-counseling).  With 20 years experience working in fields of mental health & developmental disabilities.

Accepting Ambetter, AR Blue Cross, and Private Pay $200- $215. 

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