Christina Hopson-Allen

Chief Executive Officer & Owner

About Us

As owner of Passion Unlimited LLC, I am truly honored to sow seeds of greatness into my community.  My passion is service and my joy is bringing life to every individual who crosses my path.  I want you to be fully focused on your future and passionately driven toward accomplishing your goals. “Passion for Love, Life, & Limitless Possibilities”- that’s what this agency is all about.

You don’t have to live in the chains of depression, trauma, anxiety or even the opinion of others.  My desire is that your life is changed, your heart is healed, and your mind is free.  As your therapist, I want you to have hope, feel inspired and be filled with a new passion for life.

I love working with couples and giving them faith to believe that a fulfilling marriage is truly possible…  With the right tools and commitment to the process, you can have the relationship you desire… So let’s get started!

Accepting Ambetter, AR Blue Cross, and Private Pay $160-$200.

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Counseling Services

We offer supportive counseling for individuals, couples and families.

We welcome clients of all ages, sexual orientation, and diversities.

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