Group Therapy


Did your child lose confidence, struggle academically, or withdraw during the pandemic?  Has it been hard for them to bounce back?  Join QTeen- group therapy available to empower teens with tools for SUCCESS!  Help your teen be at their BEST!    10 weeks- $35 per session or $300 for the entire program.  

The Aftermath:  Parenting Post COVID

Do you wish you had a manual to help you raise your kids?  Is it difficult to talk to them?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Join us as we navigate parenting!  This support group will provide insight into behavior, response, and consequence.  Talk to other parents and learn helpful solutions. Help is on the way!

Passion Recovery Support Group

This substance use support group will provide tools to engage you on a personal journey through the recovery process. Our goal is obtaining sustained recovery and providing the opportunity to live an amazing life!  Participation is FREE!


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